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Jay Duca

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 Jay Duca

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Welcome to the City of Quincy Inspectional Services Department web page. Inspectional Services was created in 1997 to bring several small departments that provided related inspectional service under one roof.

The departments that were combined were Building Inspections, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation, Wire Inspections, Plumbing & Gas Inspections, Code Enforcement, and Weights and Measures. Included under the Building Inspections are the Building Code Board of Appeals and Builders License Board of Examiners.

The purpose of consolidating these departments was to streamline the construction permitting process to better serve homeowners and contractors. We perform an important public safety function by enforcing the appropriate codes and regulations to insure that buildings are safe for people to inhabit. We do this proactively through the construction process and ongoing public safety inspections of existing buildings. We remain committed to this goal and always strive to find better ways to serve the public.
If you have any questions or comments, Mr. Duca will gladly answer them by email or phone. His information is found at the top of this page.

Mission Statement

The Inspectional Services Department is committed to providing helpful, fair and consistent service to the public. We will be ever mindful of our duty to promote the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare of the inhabitants of the City. We are dedicated to providing convenient and easily accessible information and services, and accurate record keeping. The Inspectional Services Department is committed to working as a team, uniting with other City Departments to accomplish our goal of protecting and serving the citizens of the City of Quincy.