Conservation Commission

The Quincy Conservation Commission protects the wetlands and conservation land in Quincy with the authority designated by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 131, Section 40, the Wetlands Protection Act, and the Quincy Wetlands Protection Ordinance #401. The Commission, through its seven members, seek to administer the Wetlands Protection Act and Quincy Wetlands Protection Ordinance fairly and accurately, to achieve the ultimate protection possible for the wetlands, and through doing that, the safety and quality life for the citizens of Quincy.

Rob Conlon
Phone: (617) 376-1449


John T. Brennion Maureen C. Glynn
E. James Iorio Jeffrey Graeber
William Keener Tom Carroll

     Tori LaBate

Conservation Commission Meeting Schedule

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Conservation Forms

Wetlands Protection Ordinance
Request for Determination of Applicability
Notice of Intent
Abbreviated Notice of Intent
Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation
Request for Departmental Action fee
Request for Certificate of Compliance
NOI Wetland Fee Transmittal Form
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