Employment Information

Job Postings

Because many jobs within the City of Quincy are union positions, open positions are first posted for an internal bidding by eligible, current city employees within the unions. If a qualified candidate is not available from within the union, the Human Resources Department identifies potential candidates from the list of applications and resumes on file. The Human Resources Department may conduct additional recruitment activities if necessary. Job applications are accepted whether or not there is a current vacant position.

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Civil Service

Police Officers and Firefighters are hired through the Massachusetts Civil Service system as needed after examination and certification of candidates by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division. The City of Quincy utilizes the residency preference system allowed by Massachusetts law for new hires to police officer and firefighter positions. Candidates are required to reside in Quincy for one year prior to the date of the civil service examination. The Massachusetts Human Resources Division (HRD) is responsible for administering all Civil Service examinations and maintaining examination scores and listings. For information pertaining to Civil Service examinations or scores, contact the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Human Resources Division at (617) 727-3777 or (800) 392-6178. For examination schedules, scores and all other information, please click here.