Programs & Services

Blood Pressure Clinic

Blood pressure clinics are held every Wednesday from 11 am to noon and every Thursday from 10-11 am. Appointments not necessary. Walk-ins welcome.

Health Screenings

Screenings are conducted periodically throughout the year. Foot screenings are held on the 1st Monday of every month - appointment is required. To schedule an appointment for a foot screening please call (617) 376-1247. Hearing screenings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month - appointment is required. To schedule an appointment for a hearing test please call (617) 376-1247.

Equipment Loan Program

This program will loan used equipment to seniors in need. - i.e. wheel chairs, canes, walkers, crutches. For more information call (617) 376-1521.

SHINE Program

Service Health Information Needs of Elders. This is a State-funded program that serves over 300 seniors annually. SHINE counselors are trained by the State to answer any inquiries regarding health insurance, depending upon ones particular situation, the counselor can offer non-partisan advice as to which insurance plan is best suited for the individual. To speak to SHINE rep please call (617) 376-1247.


A new program which is sponsored by the Norfolk County Sheriff's office. Seniors sign up for this program, and each day someone calls their house and asks are you o.k., if there is no answer they call back in five minutes, and if there is no answer then, the police is dispatched to check on the senior.

South Shore Center for Blind Seniors (SSCBS)

SSCBS holds meetings twice a week at the Fore River Clubhouse on Nevada Road in Quincy. The meetings are held every Tuesday and Friday from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. This group addresses many different issues for those who are visually impaired. It serves as a support group and social gathering. Also members are trained in how to use various forms of equipment to help cope with limited site

Senior Worker's Abatement Program (SWAP)

A senior works approximately 70 hours and is credited $10/hr. toward payment of $700.00 giving them an opportunity to apply to their real estate taxes. Applicants must reside in the property they own. Duties performed are library work, reception work, computer data entry, answering phones etc. For more information or to sign up please call (617) 376-1399.

Asian Outreach Worker

An Asian outreach worker is outposted in the Wollaston Lutheran Church, which is a senior meeting place for the newcomer Asians in the city. The worker translated documents for seniors and educates them on the availability of services in the area. State funds pays for a worker at 10-15 hours a week. 15-20 people are served weekly.

Medical Transportation Program

Free medical transportation for seniors is provided for City-Wide seniors to medical establishments within the City of Quincy, or all major Boston Hospitals, Milton Hospital, Carney Hospital and Neponset Health Center. Eight vans are used to provide services, a two-week prior notice is preferred, but program will make every effort to accommodate those with shorter notice. For more information or to schedule a pickup please call the Transportation office at (617) 376-1242.

Trans-Van Program for Social Transportation

This is a for fee service; a three month pass costs $25.00, or a pass for a year costs $80.00. Seniors are taken to church, movies, CVS, library, social function, etc. This program requires a two-day notice. The fees help to maintain the program. For more information or for an application please call the Transportation office at (617) 376-1242.

Legal Services

They provide free legal services once a month by appointment. They represent tenants, residents of nursing homes, elder abuse issues, consumer fraud issues. Over 250 seniors are served annually.

Financial Planning for Seniors

A financial planner offers his services at no cost to Quincy's seniors once a month. Appointments must be made through the Department of Elder Services by contacting us at (617) 376-1243.

These are just some of the outstanding programs and services offered by Quincy's Department of Elder Services. For further information, please contact us at (617) 376-1245.