Tips to be a Good Neighbor

Quincy is rich in diversity, and its neighborhoods have always been the source of the City's distinct character.  Many neighborhoods date back well over 100 years, while others have sprung up since World War II.  Either way, protecting and maintaining a safe and vibrant neighborhood is vital.  In this page, we've provided a few links and tips for how you can help keep your neighborhood safe, clean and orderly.

Safety Tips for Walkers and Drivers

Use the sidewalk. If the street isn't designed for pedestrians, don't walk on it. Never walk on highways or in restricted zones.

1. You know those "walk" and "do not walk" signs? Don't jaywalk.

2. Don't make assumptions. Don't assume that a vehicle will stop for Crosswalk Sign you just because you are waiting to cross. Try to make eye contact with the driver before initiating crossing. If you're in a busy city, don't cross without looking both ways-even when you have the pedestrian "walk" symbol-as drivers do occasionally run red lights.

3. Do not walk long distances under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Just as you should never drive under the influence, do not walk long distances or in traffic-heavy areas when you are under the influence. Call a taxi or use public transportation.

4. Be courteous. When a driver stops to allow you to cross, give him or her a quick wave to demonstrate your appreciation.

5. You wouldn't drive distracted, so don't walk distracted. Stay aware of your surroundings by not texting, using headphones, or talking on your cell phone.

6. Drivers - If a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, State law mandates that you stop or yield for the pedestrian until he crosses. Crosswalks are clearly marked by white lines on the street or with signs alerting drivers of the oncoming crosswalk.

7. Obey speed limits! Following this simple rule can greatly improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Rubbish Disposal and Recycling

The City of Quincy provides curbside rubbish collection in residential neighborhoods.  We ask that you place your rubbish on the curb in front of your home no more than 24 hours before your scheduled pickGarbage Can up, and remove your trash cans from the curb within 24 hours of pick up.  We will provide updates on the website should there be a delay in rubbish collection for a holiday.

The Quincy Health Department reminds you to secure your rubbish with tight fitting, durable lids.  Doing so helps to prevent animals from getting into your rubbish. 

We also provide 'Single Stream' Recycling Services each week.  We do not provide residents with recycling receptacles, but you can simply affix a 'Single Stream Recycling' sticker to any rubbish barrel, deposit all of your recycled materials, and place it curbside along with your trash.  If you have any questions regarding recycling, please contact John Sullivan at (617) 376-1953 or click here.     

Public Safety

The Quincy Police and Fire Departments respond to a wide range of Quincy Police Patchemergency calls.  In an emergency, always contact 911 first.  In a non-emergency situation, you can contact the QPD's non-emergency number, (617) 479-1212.  Keep watch of your neighborhood, document any suspicious activity, and contact the QPD so that additional checks can be made in the area

Snow and Parking

The City of Quincy provides snow plowing services to all Quincy neighborhoods.  When a snow emergency is declared, we have additional parking enforcement guidelines that go into effect, up to and including towing cars that are parked illegally. To find the current Winter Parking Rules and assigned street side, please click here

The City does not require that residents living in Residential A, B or C neighborhoods remove snow from their sidewalk, but we do kindly askPerson Shoveling Snow for your cooperation in performing this vital task.  Even in inclement weather, the City is still filled with pedestrians.  Businesses are obliged to remove snow from their sidewalks, and if you see a business in violation of this rule, please contact the Mayor's Office.  And please help your elderly or disabled neighbors.  In today's world fewer high school aged folks are looking to shovel, so our elderly or disabled neighbors often times have to try and perform the work themselves.

Permits and Licenses

Permits are required for a number of reasons ranging from a block party to home construction to marriage, birth or death certificates to dog licenses.  The City Clerk's Office issues all death certificates, DBA licenses and dog licenses. The City Clerk also serves as the Chairman of the License Board.Building Permit

When you pursue an addition to your home, consult with the Office of Inspectional Services first.  You will most likely have to apply for a building permit, and you may also be subject to additional requirements through the Historic Commission, Conservation Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals.

Dog licenses are valid for one year and cost $10.00. You must provide up to date vaccine information for your dog, and you can apply for a license in person at the Clerk's Office, or mail it in to them.

If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact (617) 376-1134.


Once you have obtained the necessary permits, you must make sure that construction does not commence before 7:00 AM, and that it finishes before 6:00 PM.  Please be sensitive of your neighbors.

Neighborhood Upkeep

Help keep your neighborhood looking good!  There are basic standards of maintenance to which all Quincy residents are held.  Generally speaking, keep your lawn mowed, your fences in safe condition, and do not let refuse or junk build up on your property.  If you notice that a neighbor's property is potentially in violation of City Code, contact Inspectional Services at (617) 376-1456 or the Health Department at (617) 376-1272.

Residents are not allowed to have unregistered vehicles parked at their property.  If you have an unregistered car in your driveway, either register the car or remove it from the property.  Not only are they an eyesore, they also can pose a hazard to the neighborhood.


Please be courteous to your neighbors and clean up after your pets.  Keep dogs leashed at all times.

Elderly Residents

The Kennedy Center is the finest senior center on the South Shore.  Completed in 2009, the Kennedy Center is home to various meeting and activity rooms, a gymnasium and media center.  The City also provides transportation services for both medical and non-medical appointments.  The Medical Transportation Program is free of charge.Museum The Trans-Van program is a fee for service program providing transportation to church, movies, CVS, library, social functions, etc. A one year pass costs $80, and the program is subject to limited availability. Contact Elder Services at (617) 376-1245 for more information.

The Health Department also sponsors a number of clinics and events designed for senior citizens.  To visit the health department homepage, click here, and you can contact the health department at (617) 376-1272.


Noise is a part of life, but excessive noise is both a nuisance to your neighbor, and could potentially violate City ordinance. Noise is defined and includes sounds produced by loud music, barking or howling animals, truck delivers or operations, commercial landscaping equipment and/or construction equipment.

In Residential neighborhoods, noise may not exceed 75 decibels (DBA)Noise Logobetween the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays; 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekends and Holidays. Noise may not exceed 65 DBA after 5:00 PM. (DBA is a measure of sound made by a handheld instrument) Noise levels in some areas of the City such as Marina Bay have additional restrictions.

The Noise Ordinance allows higher DBA levels for permitted construction activities, with restrictions. Certain activities are exempt from the Noise Ordinance, such as the noise created by residential landscaping equipment (during allowed daytime hours), licensed sports or entertainment events.

A fine of $100 per day can be assessed for any violation of the Noise Ordinance. Complaints may be made to the Quincy Police Department, or online to the Constituent Services Web site.