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Donald Martin
Executive Director

Scott Logan
General Foreman

20 Sea Street
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The City of Quincy Cemetery Department is committed to serving the people of Quincy by providing local, affordable and beautiful cemeteries for Quincy residents. Every effort is made to maintain our cemeteries with the respect deserved of the deceased. Our staff will work with you to ensure that the burial portion of the death process is handled professionally and with compassion for each individual's needs.

We value the local cemetery as a way that people, especially those with limited range of travel, can pay their respects to their loved ones on a regular basis.

Our ability to provide burial space for residents has declined rapidly as available burial space becomes scarcer by the day, but we assure that we will work toward the continued provision of this wonderful service. We are currently investigating a host of options to ensure that current and future Quincy residents have the option to be interred in our great city. At present, there are no pre-need sales in any Quincy cemetery, and all as-needed sales must be to Quincy residents at the time of death.

There are currently six cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the Quincy Cemetery Department.

Three of the cemeteries are Historic cemeteries, meaning that they no longer have burials. The three have been closed for burials for quite some time. The Hancock Cemetery, Snug Harbor Cemetery and Sailors' Home Cemetery are our Historic cemeteries and are the final resting place of some of Quincy's most notable figures. Cemetery Department employees maintain the three Historic cemeteries.

Our three Active cemeteries, or cemeteries that have regular burials, are Mount Wollaston Cemetery, Pine Hill Cemetery and Hall Cemetery. Cemetery Department employees are responsible for maintenance, burial lot preparation and funeral assistance at these three cemeteries.

The regulations, policies, fees and procedures of the Quincy Cemetery Department are established by the Quincy Cemetery Board of Managers. The Board of Managers meets the first Thursday of every month at the Richard J. Koch Family Park and Recreation Complex.