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Chair, Board of Assessors

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Colleen Healy

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What Do The Assessors Do?

The Assessors' Office is responsible for the administration of all laws and regulations regarding property tax assessment. The Assessors, as required by Chapters 59, 60A, 61, 61B, 121A of the Massachusetts General Laws and various Acts of the Legislature, perform the appraisal of approximately 27,000 parcels of property. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, utilities, and personal property. The Assessors process over 74,000 excise tax bills on motor vehicles and boats each year. The Assessors establish the assessed value of property each fiscal year.

The Mayor and City Council determine the budget each year. A tax classification hearing is held each year in the Council Chamber at City Hall. The City Council votes to set the tax rate(s) as a result of this hearing. The Assessors then commit to the Treasurer/Collector the amount of taxes to be collected including water and sewer liens. The Assessors handle requests for abatements and exemptions through the avenues prescribed by the Massachusetts Legislature. The exemptions are for veterans with at least 10% service related disability, income-eligible elderly, surviving spouse, blind, infirm, and hardship cases.

This Department also is responsible for preparing cases for hearing and defending property values before the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board and for reporting all sales within the City to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. The Assessors' Office works daily with the inquiries of taxpayers, planners, developers, builders, real estate professionals and others. The Assessors coordinate the revaluation process to comply with the laws of the Commonwealth and to achieve a sound base for fiscal planning within the City.

The Assessors Department has worked diligently this fall to create the publication "Understanding Your Taxes".  We hope this informative booklet will educate the taxpayer on all components that go into determining property taxes from beginning to end. We welcome you to contact our office at any time if you have questions related to the booklet

FY2021 Understanding Your Taxes Booklet

FY2021 Tax Classification Hearing Presentation

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