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Form of Government

Quincy is the home of two presidents, numerous patriots and national political figures. From the earliest days of this great country, Quincy has had a vibrant, engaged, political process. A representative democracy functions best when each of its citizens participates regularly and vigorously. By staying current on issues of importance, engaging in public debate on those issues, and exercising the constitutional right to vote, citizens of Quincy have had a direct impact on the manner in which their city government functions.      
The City of Quincy adopted a "Plan A" form of government, whereby a city government and legislative body are composed of the mayor and a city council, all being elected at large, or by and from all the voters of the city. This is commonly known as a "strong mayor-weak council" form of government. Under this form of government, Quincy is governed by the general provisions of a "Plan A" form of government.