Economic Development

Economic Development Snapshot

Economic Development

Inside, you’ll find a snapshot information on a broad range of private development either completed, underway or scheduled within the next few years. For those of us in government, we have a great responsibility to create the foundation for this kind of economic expansion. Together as a community we have made great strides over the last several years in building that foundation.

From new schools, to roads and bridges, to new parks and protecting our historic assets, the City of Quincy is creating opportunity, jobs, and fostering the remarkable growth we are seeing today. All this while protecting and improving the neighborhoods that will continue to make Quincy one of the most stable and attractive cities in all of the Commonwealth in the years to come.

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Quincy is Bio-Ready

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Massachusetts is a world leader within the biotechnology industry, with over 500 BioPharma companies, employing over 48,000 individuals across the state. Quincy's close proximity and convenient access to Boston and Cambridge, major highway interstates, Logan International Airport, four MBTA Red Line stops, commuter and commercial rail service, and a quality workforce all make Quincy an attractive and viable location for your company.

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MassBio Platinum Rating

Quincy has a Platinum rating by MassBio, the highest rating for a community seeking to attract and support biotechnology companies. The Platinum rating recognizes Quincy as a city with features that are specifically attractive to biotechnology companies such as commercial sites designed for biotech uses, streamlined permitting, convenient access, and abundant sewer and water capabilities. Quincy follows the National Institutes of Health Guidelines on rDNA research, providing a predictable environment that welcome biotechnology and life science facilities.

Map of the Redline

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Bio-Ready Sites in Quincy

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The City of Quincy has a variety of site location options for small biotech start-ups, expanding mid-sized ventures, or seasoned life science companies looking for a large campus style setting.

For specific information on each of the sites indicated on the map below, click here









Request Information About Bio-Ready Quincy

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We will be happy to send you information about Quincy, MA and the possibilities for locating your bio-tech or life sciences company here. Please contact Maureen Geary (617) 376-1266 or Nick Verenis (617) 376-1168 and we will mail you a package that includes a comprehensive brochure and DVD.








Quincy College Biotechnology & Compliance Center

Quincy is home to Quincy College, which has a brand new, state-of-the-art Biotechnology and Compliance center to train biomanufacturing and laboratory technicians. Click below for more information about this exciting program or contact Bruce Van Dyke, M.S., Chair, Biotechnology and Compliance, (617) 984-1669 or email him by clicking here.

Quincy Center for Innovation

Quincy Center Innovation

The Quincy Center for Innovation (QCI) is a unique co-operative work environment located just 7 miles south of Boston. It is the ideal environment for co-working and collaboration, supporting start-ups and early phase companies. It was formed in 2013 as a strategic partnership between the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, Quincy 2000 Collaborative, Eastern Nazarene College and the City of Quincy.

At the QCI, you will find that it’s about more than just workspace – it’s an all-emcompassing program that focuses on helping entrepreneurs and start-ups fulfill their dreams. That’s why we refer to our residents as “Program Entrants” or PE’s. As a PE you will have access to mentors and individuals who are there to help you plan and grow your business. You will work alongside fellow entrepreneurs who share the same passion and enthusiasm as you. It is this collaborative environment that makes the QCI the perfect place for start-ups to begin on the South Shore of Boston.

The 12,500 square foot facility is located at 180 Old Colony Avenue in Quincy, Massachusetts, just minutes from the Wollaston Red Line MBTA station. There is ample on-street parking as well as reserved parking.

For more information on Quincy Center for Innovation, please click here.

Life Science Corridor

Life Science Corridor

The cities of Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Somerville and Braintree have launched the Life Sciences Corridor, a regional economic development initiative focused on the life sciences sector.

These five cities have a strong presence in the life sciences industry, benefiting from skilled labor force availability, leading universities in advancing academic science fields, innovative research and development districts, proximity to major research hospitals, and strategic presence of venture capital resources.

The Life Sciences Corridor is connected by the Massachusetts Bay Authority Transit Authority (MBTA) Red Line. This subway line serves as a link with over 15 stops between the five cities.

The cities have tremendous strengths to attract businesses from around the world and have decided to coordinate efforts, resources and activities around life sciences development.

For more information
For more information on the Life Sciences Corridor, please contact Maureen Geary (617-376-1266) or Nick Verenis (617-376-1168)