Fire Department

Picture of Joseph Barron


Joseph Barron
40 Quincy Avenue
Quincy, MA 02169

Phone: (617) 376-1040
email:  Fire Chief
Emergency Calls: Dial 911

Non-emergency Calls:
(617) 376-1011

Quincy Fire Prevention Bureau: (617) 376-1015


The Quincy Fire Department
The Quincy Fire Department mans eight fire stations strategically located throughout the City of Quincy. The Quincy Fire Prevention Bureau is located at Headquarters. The Quincy Fire Training Academy is currently located at the Fore River shipyard site.

In Case of Fire or Emergency Call 911
In case of fire or emergency always dial 911. Try to remain calm when on the telephone. It is important that you speak clearly and state correctly the address or location of the emergency. (There are many streets in Quincy that sound alike.)

Follow the directions and guidance given to you by the fire alarm operator.