City Clerk

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Office of the City Clerk

Nicole L. Crispo

1305 Hancock Street, 2nd floor,
Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

Phone: (617) 376-1132
e-mail: Nicole Crispo

Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., M - F


The City Clerk oversees the daily operations of both the Vital Statistics and Election Departments. The City Clerk also serves as Chairman of the License Board and is clerk of the City Council. The City Clerk acts as mediator in resolving issues pertaining to the many licenses issued by the City. The clerk is also a Notary Public and Justice of the Peace.


Assistant City Clerk

*Position to be filled*

Phone: (617) 376-1145

The assistant City Clerk, in the absence of the City Clerk, performs his duties. On a daily basis the assistant also is in charge of decision making for the various departments throughout the office.

She is responsible for the City Council Calendar, record keeping of all past City Council records and Campaign Finance reports for all candidates. The Assistant also issues permits and reports all raffle permits to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. Mrs. Crispo is also a Justice of the Peace and Notary Public


John Carl Swanson

Michael F. Grindlay

Stephen R. Doherty

Secretary to City Clerk
Cindy Manning-

Ann Marie Wall-