Pilot Program for Snow Removal Launched

Posted: December 09, 2009
Pilot Program for Snow Removal Launched

QUINCY - Mayor Thomas Koch today announced that the City will launch a first-of-its kind pilot program this Winter aimed at making snow-removal operations substantially more cost-effective and efficient in neighborhoods across Quincy.

For the first time, the City this year soliticted bids to give responsibility for plowing and sanding a large swath of specific neighborhoods in Quincy to a single large contractor. A key component to the program: The contract includes a "peformance bond" requiring the contractor to do the job to the City's standards or risk not getting paid, Koch said.

The City will also overhaul how private contractors are paid for plowing operations this year from the historic hourly wage to a new fixed standard based on the amount snowfall during a storm, Koch said.

"Stream-lining operations in a contractor with a vested interest in doing the job right and tying payments to snowfall amounts will make for more efficient plowing and give us more bang for our buck," Koch said. "We are continually looking for creative ways to change how we do business, and it is our hope that this pilot program will be end up being a positive and permanent change."

Reilly Brothers, Inc, which is operated by a Quincy family, placed the lowest bid to run the pilot program, which will give them responsibility for snow removal in Ward 1, Ward 2, and parts of Ward 5 in Wollaston.

The remainder of the City will be plowed using the traditional roster of more than 30 private contractors coupled with a dozen City trucks that primarily for clearing main roads throughout the City.

Department of Public Works Commissioner Lawrence Prendeville said he believes the pilot program will also make the City's job easier in indentifying trouble spots and responding to specific issues that arise during every major snowstorm.

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