National Grid selects Quincy for Community Energy Efficiency Initiative

Posted: March 04, 2016
National Grid selects Quincy for Community Energy Efficiency Initiative

Mayor Koch Announces Quincy Saves Program

To boost home energy efficiency, Mayor Koch announced the City’s new Quincy Saves program, to encourage residents to take measures to reduce the electricity and natural gas used in your homes, while reducing drafts, energy bills and the possibility of ice dams in the winter.  

National Grid has challenged Quincy residents to complete 701 no-cost home energy assessments by the end of 2016.  In addition to checking the safety and efficiency of your heating and hot water systems, residents can receive LED and CFL light bulbs and water saving showerheads at no cost, and a personalized report specific to your home outlining ways to save energy.  If the measures are recommended, residents are also eligible for a 75% discount of up to $2,000 in insulation, between $300-$1,600 for an energy efficient heating/hot water system, as well as other discounts and rebates, including 0% loans.

Quincy Saves is a partnership between the City, the nonprofit Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET), Mass Save contractor HomeWorks Energy 

If residents meet the goals outlined in National Grid’s initiative, the collective savings are estimated to exceed $150,000  per year.  

To participate in Quincy Saves, contact:
or call HWE at 617-855-9889.