Snow emergency in effect through Monday morning, power restoration, plowing ongoing

Posted: February 09, 2013

The snow emergency will remain in effect through Monday morning.  Residents who do not have essential travel needs are asked to remain in their homes and off the roads so that crews can perform snow plowing/removal.

National Grid has repaired the major cause of the widespread outages in the City, but restoration to individual homes and neighborhoods will take several hours, and residents may not have power restored for more than a day. Priority is being given to medical facilities and nursing homes/senior buildings.

Residents are asked to remain patient relative to specific snow plowing requests due to the severity of this storm.  Crews will be working throughout the day today, tomorrow and early week to restore full access to roadways.  The City is aware that certain streets have not seen plows as of Saturday morning.  Keep in mind this was an historic storm, and returning the roads to original condition is a tremendous task that will take multiple days.

If you are in need of emergency shelter, two shelters are open. Please call the Emergency Operations Center at 617-376-1105 for shelter information.  If you are experiencing flooding, please call 617-376-1910.

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