Raymondi Appointed DPW Commissioner, Completing Department Restructuring

Posted: July 08, 2011

QUINCY - Mayor Thomas Koch today appointed Daniel Raymondi, who has more than 30 years of service to the City, as Commissioner of Public Works, completing a restructuring the Mayor said that will build on operational improvements in recent years by placing a renewed focus on the administrative functions of the department.

Raymondi resigned as Ward 2 City Councilor, a post he has held for 22 years, on Tuesday morning prior to being sworn-in as Commissioner. Lawrence Prendeville, the Commissioner whom Koch credited with being the "best operational leader in the Commonwealth," was also sworn in as Superintendent of Public Works, which expands the duties of the previously existing Superintendent of Sewer, Water and Drain.

"I firmly believe we have the best field general in the state, and I cannot think of a someone who has more history, more experience, and more passion for this City than Dan Raymondi to handle the increasing administrative demands of the Department of Public Works," said Mayor Koch. "This is going to be a tremendous one, two punch. I know I will be judged by the results, and I expect those results to be substantial."

The reorganization allows Prendeville to focus entirely on the day-to-day and emergency operations of the department, which under his leadership won the praise of the New York Times for dramatic improvements to the City's snow removal operation. Mayor Koch said Prendeville's full energy in the field is especially important considering the large number of major infrastructure projects either underway or planned in the City.

As Commissioner, Raymondi will address areas on the office side of the DPW that have changed historically to include an increasing amount of administrative functions. Koch said he views the position much like the state Cabinet-level position of State Transportation Secretary Jeffrey Mullan, who like Raymondi is a lawyer by trade.

He cited the contract management, increasing responsibilities of dealing with state and federal agencies, and ensuring a user-friendly department for residents as key components of the redefined Commissioner's post. Mayor Koch added that the Department does its best work responding to emergencies and other issues that come up, but he said he is looking for the restructured DPW to play a more active role in long-term planning for the City's infrastructure needs.

Koch said there are few people in Quincy with more knowledge of the City, more experience in dealing with constituent-related issues or who have dedicated more of their life's work to the community than Raymondi, whose father was a DPW Superintendent.

"I am humbled and grateful to accept Mayor Koch's appointment, and I am very much looking forward to hitting the ground running," Raymondi said. "Working to maintain and improving our City's infrastructure has always been a important part of my time as a City Councilor, and it is something I am deeply passionate about, a passion that was instilled in me by my father."

The reorganization plan devised by Koch does not create any new positions, and instead expands the duties of the existing Water Department Superintendent to become the Superintendent of Public Works, responsible for all field operations involving the DPW and taken over by Prendeville at his existing salary.

Raymondi has more than 30 years of public service, including 6 years as the Norfolk County Treasurer and 8 years on the Quincy School Committee

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