Plans for New Central Middle School Available

Posted: April 26, 2011
Plans for New Central Middle School Available

The most recent preliminary plans for the New Central Middle School are now available. Click the link below to access the .pdf file including site drawings and aerial photography.

After decades of discussion, the New Central Middle School project will replace the over century-old building with a new, state-of-the-art facility constructed under the Massachusetts School Building Association model-school program. By using a model school design, the City saves taxpayer money by using pre-approved design guidelines. As a further benefit, model schools include a full sized gymnasium and auditorium.

The new school will be located on the site of the former St. Ann's School. The City entered into an agreement with the Archdiocese of Boston to purchase the St. Ann's facility at a cost far below initial estimates for previously proposed sites. A parcel owned by Eastern Nazarene College, along with two small house lots, comprise the rest of the site.

Central Middle School has seen structural deterioration over the years including serious damage to the roof and floors. Through collaboration with the SBA, the City obtained an 80% reimbursement commitment, the maximum allowed in the Commonwealth. Initial estimates for reimbursement were far lower and would have cost the City millions in additional funds.

Central Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the new Central require the taking of tax paying land?
- Original plans for the New Central called for the taking of several large, privately owned, tax paying parcels. This plan involves using land previously owned by the Archdiocese and Eastern Nazarene College, two non-profit, non-tax paying organizations, along with two smaller house lots.

Could St. Ann's have been renovated?
- St. Ann's School had not been maintained to the City's standards, nor those of the SBA. Renovating the existing structure was not an option. More importantly, renovating the building would have disqualified the City from receiving any reimbursement from the Commonwealth.

When will construction start?
- Construction of the New Central is slated to start this year. Stay tuned to for more updates on the project.

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