After Successful Year, Snow Program Expands

Posted: December 10, 2010

QUINCY - Mayor Thomas Koch announced today that the City's Department of Public Works will expand a pilot snow plowing program that last year cut costs and created more accountability by paying a single snow-plow contractor responsibility for specific City neighborhoods.

The program will expand to Ward 4 during the upcoming snow season after last year's pilot program awarded snow removal in Ward 1, Ward 2 and parts of Wollaston to a single contractor who has paid by the inch of snow, rather on an hourly basis for snowstorms.

"We saw substantial progress in accountability, quality, and cost in our snow plowing operations last year through the pilot program, enough saw that is certainly worth of expanding to a second district," said Mayor Koch. "Snow removal is one of the basic core services that is absolutely vital for our residents, and we are going to continue to look for creative, cost-effective ways to ensure we are doing the best job possible."

Reilly Brothers Construction of Stoughton will continue to be the primary snow contractor for the neighborhoods included in last year's contract, while C. Naughton Inc. of Quincy was recently awarded the contract to run snow operations in Ward 4, according to DPW Commissioner Larry Prendeville.

"I am happy that this program brings an added sense of accountability in snow removal operations," said Brian Palmucci, Ward 4 Councillor. "When the City pursues a program such as this one, we are able to ensure a better delivery of services and save money so it is a win-win for everyone."

Under the new program, contractors are required to set aside a specific number of plows - both large and small - to cover the full neighborhood and get paid based on the size of the snowstorm. That eliminates the costly idling time that have traditionally been charged by contractors, especially considering weather forecasts can very substantially, Prendeville said.

Most importantly, Prendeville said, the new system has a created a "tremendous level of accountability," that has cut down on the number of resident complaints and streamlined the overall operation during snowstorms, he said.

"This is performance-based, so the incentive is there for the contractor to do the best job possible, which is critical to us," Prendeville said. "We saw a marked difference in the number of calls from residents. There's always room for improvement, but we think we are making great progress."

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