Road Work Update

2012 Road Improvement
Construction Schedule  

Street                                                Start Date           Substantial Complete Date

1--Sea Street         
Babcock to Winthrop St                    July 9                    July 27

2--Connant Road
E. Squantum to Quincy Shore
Drive                                                    July 16                  August 24

3--Massachusetts Avenue
Washington to Lancaster St              July 30                   August 31

4--Hanna Street
Curtis Ave to Follett St                       August 13             September14

5--Beechwood Street
Curtis Ave to Follett                           August 13              September 14

6--Follett Street
Beechwood to Hanna St.                 August 13              Septmber 14

7--Douse Road
Newport Ave to Morgan Rd              August 27               September 21

8--Samoset Ave.
Merrymount Rd. to
Quincy Shore Drive                           September 10        October 5

9--Governors Road
Upton St. to Milton Town line             September 24         October 26

10--Pratt Rd.
Dorchester St to Standish Rd           October 15               November 16



Water Main Replacements

Willow Ave.


Concourse Phase III

McGrath Highway
Installation of electrical conduit