Adams Green

Adams Green-
The Future Centerpiece of Quincy Center

First identified in the  2006 City of Quincy Downtown Vision PlanAdams Green, entails the creation of a contiguous urban park space that will knit together transportation, historical, and architectural assets including the MBTA station, Old Town Hall, the United First Parish Church, the Thomas Crane Public Library, and the Hancock Cemetery.

Adams Green will be carried out in two phases:
Phase One- Adams Green Transportation Improvement Project

Currently, the City—in partnership with the
Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) --is moving forward with the construction of the public works, transportation infrastructure, and streetscape improvements needed to support the design and construction of the Adams Green park space. MassDOT contractor A.R. Belli will commence construction early this spring.

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SUMMER 2014 (PHASE 1b)
SUMMER 2014 (PHASE 2) 

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FALL 2014 (PHASE 3)

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What will the final circulation plan look like as a result of this project?
Will this project address the ciruclation issues at the Quincy Center T Station?

View Adams Green Transportation Design Documents
Functional Design Report
Adams Green Parking Inventory and Turnover Analysis
25% Design Plans
25% Public Hearing Transcript
Bicycle Infrastructure Design Plans 
3-31-2014 City Council Presentation- Traffic Management 
100 % Plans- Sheets 1-94
100% Plans- Sheets 94-107
100% Plans Sheets 107-123 

Phase Two- Adams Green Park Design and Construction
Phase Two--with Halvorson Design Partnership as the lead landscape architect firm--entails the design and construction of the actual park space, associated amenities, and interpretative elements.

 Phase 2 Project Documents
Adams Green Illustrative Rendering- view from Old Town Hall
Adams Green Illustrative Rendering- view from Church
2010 Design Schematic Report