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The purpose of the Quincy Bicycle Commission is to advise the Mayor on promoting bicycling as a viable transportation option for all trip purposes and for a wide-range of users and improving the safety of all bicycle users throughout the City of Quincy. 

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Commission News

Quincy's second annual bicycle counts took place the first week of June 2014. The counts were completed by Commission members and many volunteers from Quincycles. Below are a few graphs that Planning staff put together to represent the data collected. 

As Quincy adds more and more bicycle infrastructure to its roads and public facilities, it will rely on the data compiled through bicycle counts to monitor the changes in bicycle use in the City: which locations are the most heavily used, what are the most popular times of day to ride, etc. 

Cyclists counted at each location


Cyclists in AM vs PM at each location


Men vs Women Counted at Each Location


Quincy DPW Bike Rodeo POSTPONED until Saturday May 24th at 12pm due to probable inclement weather: The Quincy DPW will be participating in Bay State Bike Week again this year by hosting a Bike Rodeo. For more events happening the week of May 10-18, see the following webpage: http://baystatebikeweek.org/?.

Bike Rodeo


Bicycle Network Plan

The City of Quincy partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council's transportation planning staff—with funding from the Federal Sustainable Communities Grant program—a tri-agency program (HUD/EPA/US DOT) —to analyze the existing pedestrian and cycling environment in the City of Quincy, and to develop recommendations for low-cost, short-term improvements. The resulting recommendations create a network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities based almost entirely upon existing rights-of-way with no changes to curb location. Most importantly, this plan offers strategies for how the City of Quincy can begin to institutionalize the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle accommodations at the local level in all projects. It should be noted that MAPC worked collaboratively with the City on this effort and in addition to the Planning Department, the Mayor’s Office, the Department of Public Works, and the Parks and Recreation Department all contributed to the development of this plan. 

In January 2014, MAPC presented its City of Quincy Bicycle Network Plan to the Planning Board. The Bicycle Commission formally endorsed the plan in its February 5th, 2014 letter to Mayor Thomas P. Koch. 

See both documents below.

Adams Green Planned Bicycle Infrastructure

Links to documents:

Let's Share the Road

The first of the series Let's Share the Road


Applicable Laws in the City of Quincy

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 85, Section 11B: http://1.usa.gov/1l98PF7

City of Quincy Code 12.08.110 (previously Ch. 18, Section 10): Click here


Bike Parking Map

View Quincy Bicycle Parking Locations in a larger map


Educational and Fun Videos

Fantastic video by MassBike and the Boston Police Department demonstrating the laws that govern bicycle and car interaction on the road: 

Someone film a ride through Quincy and let us know about it! We'll post it to our webpage!


External Links

Check out the webpage of our amazing, extremely dedicated sister group Quincycles, a citizen-led organization of Quincy cyclists. Quincycles is well represented on the Commission by a few current members. The Commission tries to coordinate bicycle planning and outreach efforts with Quincycles wherever possible.