Planning Board

Agenda Minutes

In Quincy, the Planning Board approves subdivision plans and issues Special Permits for Site Plan Review. In addition, the Planning Board makes recommendations regarding planned unit developments (PUD), special permits, amendments to the zoning ordinance, and street abandonments. Please browse the Fact Sheet below for more information.

Planning Board Fact Sheet

Planning Board Members
The five members of the Planning Board are appointed by the Mayor for five-year terms, with the approval of the City Council. The current members are:

William Geary, Chairman
Richard Meade
Coleman Barry
Glen Comiso
Sean Callaghan

Quincy Zoning Ordinance
A copy of the City of Quincy Zoning Ordinance (Title 17, as amended) may be obtained from the:
Office of the City Clerk
Monroe Building
1245 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169
Tel. (617) 376-1130


Planning Board Documents
Quincy Design Guidelines
Planned Unit Development - Policy & Procedures
Rules and Regulations for - Site Plan Review*
Rules and Regulations for - Special Permit*
Quincy Center Districts Special Permit and/or Site Plan Review*
Quincy Center Districts URDP - Certificate of Consistency
Wind Facilities - Special Permit and/or Site Plan Review
Rules and Regulations and Application for Subdivision
City of Quincy Zoning Map
Boardwalk Residences at Marina Bay Final Submission to Planning Board

*Note for the fillable pdf forms, it is recommended the pdf is downloaded to local computer, filled out, and saved as opposed to filling it out online as form could be erased more eassily by accident.