Parks and Recreation Board

The Quincy Park and Recreation Board establishes the policies and procedures of the Park Department and maintains permitting authority for all municipal parks.

The nine-member board comprises volunteers appointed by the mayor representing each of the city's six ward as well as three city council appointments, one of which must be a member of the School Committee.

The board meets the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Richard J. Koch Park and Recreation Complex, One Merrymount Parkway.


Permit Requests
You must be a Quincy resident to request a field permit.

Requests for field permits can be submitted to the Park Department by calling (617) 376-1252, faxing a letter of request to (617) 376-1259 or by emailing your request to  Using the form below is the quickest way of submitting a request.  The Park and Recreation Board approves all permits at its monthly meetings.

Permit Requirements

  1. Must be a Quincy resident.
  2. Must be approved by the Park and Recreation Board.
  3. No alcohol is allowed in any Quincy park.
  4. Permission for an open flame must be obtained from the Quincy Fire Department.
  5. No admission fee can be charged without the express permission of the Quincy Park and Recreation Board.
  6. Scholastic programs have first right to all facilities, followed by youth programs and finally adult recreational programs.