Emergency Management

Fire Department

Joseph Barron
One Merrymount Parkway
Quincy MA 02170

Phone: (617) 376-1105
Fax:     (617) 376-1107
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The Quincy Emergency Management Office is charged with the responsibility to develop and implement Comprehensive  Emergency Management (CEM). The heaviest emphasis in the past was on preparedness and response to all risk: man-caused emergencies and natural disasters. In addition to Preparedness and Response, equal emphasis is now placed on mitigation and recovery phases of CEM.

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan addresses emergency situations in which the actions of many different agencies must be coordinated. This major coordination effort differs from those emergencies handled on a daily basis by local fire, law enforcement, and medical service personnel.

Each year, the United States is struck by disasters that severely affect communities and state and local governments. The list of events that cause disasters includes natural events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, floods, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruption, landslides, snowstorms, and droughts, and non-natural events, such as fires, floods, and explosions caused by human activities.

The effects of disasters may be limited to a single community, such as when a small town is hit by a tornado, or they may be widespread, such as when a hurricane affects several states. Regardless of the scope of a disaster, the affected communities and states often need the assistance of the State and Federal Government when responding to and recovering from the event.

Communities are responsible for the protection of their residents, and local emergency response forces will always be the first lines of defense when a disaster strikes.

Quincy Emergency Management has the capability to set up a shelter in any section of the city. Emergency Management has two trailers fully equipped with supplies for area shelters.