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      Councillor Brian Palmucci             

Councillor Brian Palmucci

1305 Hancock Street 
Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 376-1354

E-Mail: Councillor Palmucci


Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off & Paper Shredding Day

Saturday, October 1st - 8 am - 11 am - DPW Yard - 55 Sea Street 

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DPW Annual Report - 2015

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Downtown Update - 

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Community Meetings & Notices - 

90 DayTrial of Traffic Improvement Measures


As you know I have been working with neighbors and the traffic department to make improvements to the traffic flow in and around your neighborhood. In the coming weeks you will begin to see those improvement measures take shape with the addition of signage throughout your neighborhood. 

As a result of a community meeting, one of the most robust traffic studies ever conducted in the city, a Quincy Police speed monitoring initiative, and numerous meetings; the city will be implementing several measures that are designed to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood. Speeding cars cutting through residential side streets in order to beat red lights and traffic has a serious negative impact on safety in our community. These improvement measures are specifically aimed at keeping traffic on the main streets and off of residential side streets. 

I appreciate the disruption that this change may cause you. Without a doubt your normal routes to and from home will be impacted. It is my hope that these measures will prove to be an effective way to improve your neighborhood despite any slight inconvenience. However, I work for you and ultimately you will decide whether you want these measures to stay in place after the 90 day trial period. On October 20, 2016 I will host a community meeting for residents to weigh in and determine whether we make the traffic changes permanent or we go back to the way things were prior to the changes. 

As we work to make our community a safer place to live, I ask for your patience during this 90 day trial period. If you want to express your support or opposition to the improvement measures please join me on October 20, 2016 to discuss them in an open forum with QPD and the City's Traffic Department. The following is a list of the traffic improvement measures that you will see implemented in the coming weeks:

Monday thru Friday 7 AM - 9 AM –

Do Not Enter on Cross Street, Westbound, Intersecting with Common St

Do Not Enter on Jenness Street, Westbound, Intersecting with Common St

Do Not Enter on Hilltop Street, Westbound, Intersecting with Common St

Do Not Enter on Reardon Street, Westbound, Intersecting with Common St


Monday thru Friday 3 PM - 6 PM –


Do Not Enter on Cross St, Eastbound, Intersecting with Furnace Brook Pkwy

Do Not Enter on Jenness St, Eastbound, Intersecting with Furnace Brook Pkwy

Do Not Enter on Hilltop St, Eastbound, Intersecting with Furnace Brook Pkwy

Do Not Enter on Reardon St, Southbound, Intersecting with Furnace Brook Pkwy

Do Not Enter on Dayton St, Northbound, Intersecting with Furnace Brook Pkwy

Current Ward 4 Projects

Conservation Commission -

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25 Columbia Street   Notice of Intent 
Project - New 7, 290 Sq. Ft. storage building (Bordering Land Subject to Flooding)
Applicant - James Sullivan/94 Liberty Street LLC.
Meeting Dates - 4/6/16 Status - 
17 Cross Street Determination of Applicability 
Project - Addition to rear of existing house (Inland Flooding)
Applicant - James Devine   
Meeting Dates - 4/6/16 Status

Planning Board 

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2014-01 - 600R Crown Colony Drive  Definitive Subdivision Plan
Project - Construction of 492 Units Residential Development
Applicant - Crown Colony Nominee Trust
Meeting Dates - Status - Approved with Conditions   
2015-Subdiv-02 - 8 & 52 Holliston St & 118 Forest Ave  Definitive Subdivision Plan
Project -Seeking approval to provide for the further extension of Holliston Street to create one (1) additional house lot at 62 Holliston Street.
Applicant - Michael Solimando  
Meeting Dates - 6/8/16, 7/16/16 StatusApproved with Conditions
2016-02 - 18 Bates Avenue  Residential Proposal 

Project - Construction of a new 3 story, 5 unit residential apartment building

Applicant - Bates Ave. Realty Trusts  
Meeting Dates - 4/16/16, 5/11/16 Status - Approved with Conditions 
2016-05 – R264 West Street   Change of Use 
Project - Construction of 8 new townhouse style residential condominiums
Applicant -West St Properties, LLC  
Meeting Dates - 6/8/16, 7/16/16 Status - Approved with Conditions

Zoning Board of Appeals 

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16-002 - 130 Suomi Road  Variance 
Project -  Seeking variance to construct two, 2-family townhouses
Applicant - Anton Cela  
Meeting Dates - 2/9/16 Status -  Withdrawn without Prejudice
16-007 - 77 Suomi Road Variance 
Project - Construct 2nd floor porch above the existing enclosed front porch
Applicant - 77 Suomi Road Realty Trust, Elizabeth Brown, Trustee 
Meeting Dates - 2/23/16 Status - Granted
16-019 – 19-21 Copeland Street Change of Use 
Project - From a Lawyer’s Office to Glass Repair Co.
Applicant -  
Meeting Dates - 4/26/16, 5/24/16 Status - Withdrawn without Prejudice
16-028 – 922 Furnace Brook Parkway Variance – Change of Use
Project - Expand the driveway from 9 feet to 24 feet 
Applicant - Ken V. Tran  
Meeting Dates - 5/24/16 Status - Granted
16-029 – 38 Cliff Street Finding – Addition
Project -Construct a second story over the existing footprint 
Applicant -  James & Lauren O’Hara  
Meeting Dates - 5/24/16 Status - Granted
16-031 – 92 Grove Street Variance – Subdivision 
Project - Subdivide the existing parcel into 3 separate house lots
Applicant - Peter Moran  
Meeting Dates - 5/24/16 Status - Withdrawn without Prejudice
16-035 – 11 Sullivan Road Variance – Additional SF
Project - Add additional square footage to the second floor of the existing building to facilitate the new accessible units
Applicant - Quincy Housing Authority  
Meeting Dates - 6/14/16 Status - Granted
16-036 – 117 Cross Street  Special Permit – Flood Plain
Project - Construct a 16” X 26” addition
Applicant -  James Devine   
Meeting Dates - 6/14/16 Status - Granted
16-038 – 550 Adams Street  Special Permit - Variance
Project - Drive-In Retail Use and a Variance for Parking for Dunkin Donuts
Applicant - New Creek, LLC  
Meeting Dates - 6/28/16 Status - Denied
2016-039 - 299 Water Street Finding
Project - Construct addition to existing footprint & gain additional office space
Applicant - Barry Belcastro and Kim Shaughnessy
Meeting Dates - 6/28/16 Status - Granted
2016-047 – 264R West Street Variance/Finding
Project - Remove existing 2 family home & replace with 8 townhouse style units
Applicant -West St. Properties LLC  
Meeting Dates - 7/12/16, 7/26/16 StatusApproved with Conditions?
2016-049 – 51 Lyons Street Variance
Project - New Front Porch
Applicant - Lisa Johnson  
Meeting Dates - 8/9/16 Status
2016-087 - 38-40 Copeland Street


Project - Addition of One Bathroom and One Bedroom at 38 Copeland St and One Bathroom and One Bedroom at 40 Copeland St  
Applicant - Brian Chen and Chun Yang-Chen  
Meeting Dates - 1/24/17 Status -