City Council Rules

Rules Overview

Rule One
The President, or in his absence, the senior member in service, shall take the Chair at the hour appointed for the Council to meet and shall immediately call the members to order. In the absence of the President, the senior member in service shall assume the role of President pro-tern. If there is a question as to who the senior member is, then the President will be selected by ballot and plurality of votes shall elect from among the senior members. The Clerk will temporarily preside. The roll call shall then be called by the Clerk, who shall enter in the minutes of the meeting the names of the members present. In the absence of a quorum at the time appointed for a meeting, the members present may, by a majority vote, take a recess or recesses, and direct the Clerk to procure the attendance of absent members.

Rule Two
Appeals from Decision of the President
The President shall preserve decorum and decide all questions of order, subject to appeal to Council. In the case of an appeal from a ruling of the President, the question shall be: "Shall the decision of the President stand as the decision of the Council?" If a member transgresses the rules of the Council, the President shall, or any member, by addressing the President may call him to order, in which case he shall be seated, unless permitted to explain.

Rule Three
Substitute Chairman
The President may call any member to the Chair, but such substitutes shall not continue longer than one meeting. The President may express his opinion on any subject under debate without leaving the Chair.

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