New Quincy Center

The New Quincy Center Project is the largest and most aggressive urban redevelopment project currently underway in the United States. The Quincy Center you see today will be completely overhauled, with new retail, commercial and residential construction. Groundbreaking is scheduled for mid-2013.

This site is dedicated to providing you with a glimpse of the latest updates on the project. In other parts of our site, you can access all of the public documents and presentations that have been compiled. Here, we're trying to give you a succinct synopsis of what is happening in your downtown.

The Adams Green

The great cities and towns of America share certain traits, and perhaps the most obvious of those is the idea of the 'Town Green'.  While Quincy Center has a few green spaces on its periphery, we lack a central open space.  What we do not lack is history. Quincy Center is home to the eternal remains of two U.S. Presidents and their wives, as well as the Hancock Cemetery. 

This project will combine those two elements and create a green link with McIntyre Mall and City Hall.  Once completed, Quincy Center will have a vibrant public space that will enhance the great historic appeal of the square.

The following rendering demonstrates what we're talking about - a beautiful public area that will tie the entire Quincy Center project together.

 Adams Green image