Sailor's Home Cemetery

Nestled inside of Merrymount Park, Sailor's Home Cemetery contains the eternal remains of more than 120 veterans of the Civil War.  The idea for the National Sailor's Home came about as early as 1862, when leading officers of the Navy committed to the idea of developing housing opportunities for disabled seamen who could not care for themselves. 

The Sailor's Home was located on a 6 acre farm on what is now Rice Road and Fenno Street.  The cemetery was consecrated in 1866, and the home ceased operating in 1930.  Today, the Sailor's Home Cemetery is maintained by the City of Quincy Cemetery Department, and is a true hidden historical jewel for residents and visitors alike.

This map, which was compiled by Denis Gearin, a neighbor and member of the city's Cemetery Board of Managers, provides information on the men buried inside of Sailor's Home Cemetery.  We welcome you to peruse this map and use it as a tool to visit this cemetery that helps tell a small chapter in the history of our great Nation.