Boards and Commissions

Click on the links below to find information on the various Boards and Commissions of the City of Quincy

Adams Temple School Fund Fair Housing Committee
Affordable Housing Trust Historical Commission
Asian American Advisory  Housing Authority
Assessors Human Rights Commission
Beaches and Coastal Commission Leadership Council on Chronic Homelessness
Board of Registrars of Voters Library Board
Cemetery Board of Managers License
Commission on Disabilities Park and Recreation Board
Commission on Women Planning Board
Community Preservation Recycling Commission
Conservation Commission School Fund
Council on Aging Youth Hockey Arena
Board on Homelessness  Zoning Board of Appeals


Adams Temple School Fund
Deborah Coughlin, Chair
Peter Boylston Adams
Robert Foy III
William Jackson
William MacDonald
Michael E. McFarland                                                             Back to Top

Asian American Advisory Board
Betty Yao, Chair
Linda Bowes
May Chan
Dora Chung
John Downey
Cathy Ko Downey
John Norton
Ankur Tandon
Kevin To
Jimmy Wong                                                                          Back to Top

Beaches and Coastal Commission 
Leo J. Kelly, Chairman
Doug Gutro, Vice Chairman
Margaret Milne, Secretary
Chickie Abdallah, Treasurer
Kristen Awed-Ladas
Mary Buccella
Nancy Callanan
Brad Croall
Robert Galligan
Richard Herbert
Laura Innis
Joyce King
Philomena Lewis
Patrick Morrissey
Jack Nigro
Sandy Stover
Marie Vu
Christopher Walker                                                        
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Commission on Disabilities
Elias Reed, Chair
Linda Kelly, Vice-chair
Perry Braunstein, Esq., Recording Secretary
Mary Mahon-McCauley
John Mulligan

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Commission on Women
Michelle Stenberg, Chair
Cathy Grazioso, Vice Chair
Caryn Smith Treasurer
Nicky Crispo
Sandy Verhault
Kathy Quigley
Claire Brennan
Jen Ormond
Barbara Mendez
Sr. Lorraine Bernier
Joan Henshaw
Simone Leary
Anne Keating, Historian
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Community Preservation
Councillor Kevin Coughlin, Vice Chair
Steve Perdios, Chair
Coleman Barry
Maureen Mazrimas
John Menz
Connie Driscoll
Tony Ricci
John Brennion 

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Human Rights Commission
Ann Yeomans, Chair
Lt. Jeffrey Burrell
Rev. David Hefling
Peter Hilton
Niel Orlando
Frank Poon
Faye Reed
Marco Sandonato
Harvey Solomon

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Recycling Commission
Bill Bloomer
Eunice Charles
Cyndy Cotter
Mike Cotter
Cherie Dewar
Tracy Lee Dorgan
Jean Mackey
Maria Mulligan
Steve Perdios
Paul Reilly
John Sullivan                                                                         Back to Top

School Fund
Jo-Ann Bragg, Chair
Nancy Barron
Grace Buscher
Kevin Coughlin
Rick DeCristofaro
Barbara Isola
Michelle Lydon
David McCarthy                                                                    Back to Top

Youth Hockey Arena
Bruce Wood, Chair
Steve DesRoche Vice Chair
Tom Maloney, Treasurer
Rick Fitzpatrick, Secretary
Chris McArdle
Jim Fatseas
Arthur Carthas
Al Grazioso
Jim Dunn
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