Task Force Members

The Quincy Drug Task Force is comprised of a talented group of community leaders from a wide range of fields. 

The following members serve on the Task Force:

- Michael Bellotti, High Sheriff of Norfolk County
- Jane Biagi, Office of Norfolk County District Attorney
- Lynne Conley-Pierce
- Dan Coughlin, Quincy Public Schools
- Kathy Deady, EDAN
- Michael Draicchio, Quincy Public Schools
- Dr. John Franceschini, Quincy Public Schools
- Sharon Giordani, Quincy Medical Center
- Kevin Glennon
- Patrick Glynn - Quincy Police Department
- Arlene Goldstein - Bay State Community Services
- Mia Hurld, Quincy Parent Advisory Council to Special Education
- Leslie Keyes
- Kim Kroeger, Manet Community Health Center
- Carol McCarthy, AdCare
- Richard McDonough - Norfolk County Sheriff's Office
- Maura Papile - Quincy Public Schools
- Jo Rothman - Norfolk County Probation Office
- Brent Soares, Father Bills and Mainspring
- Patricia Spataro - Norfolk County Sheriff's Office
- Sandra Sullivan - Norfolk County Juvenile Court
- Dr. Ken Tarabelli - Bay State Community Services