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To submit a service request, enter the information into the fields below.

If your request is an emergency, or time-sensitive, (tree/sewer related) please call the Police Department at 617-479-1212.

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Please enter your contact information in the fields below; the address below is your address and may or may not be the address you may be inquiring about. The City requires this information to facilitate following up on requests if necessary.

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Using the fields below, please describe the nature of your request. Use the Request Category box to indicate as closely as possible the nature of your request, as this will assist in quickly routing this issue to the correct department; if your request is not described by any of the choices, please select 'Not Listed - Use Other' and type a general category in the Other field. When describing your request in the detailed description field, please be as detailed as possible and remember to include all relevant information to allow the responsible departments to better serve you.

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